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Outsource Everything – Live Anywhere – Earn Anything – Inspire Everyone

  • Run your business remotely and live anywhere.
  • Grow your business and wealth by uncovering your hidden entrepreneurial talents.
  • Be more productive and efficient than ever before – get your time back to spend it doing what you love.
  • Have the mindset and leverage ability of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs.
  • Build your ideal team at a fraction of the cost by using offshore virtual staff.
  • Create powerful systems for growing your business and have it run without you.


"I have to say that Monty's book is one of the best business books that I have ever read. I was completely hooked from start to finish. The strategies and depth Monty goes into is incredible for small business. He really knows how to connect the dots together for us business owners. Thank you Monty."

Travis Bell
Travis BellThe Bucket List Guy

“When I think of the words leverage, outsourcing, digital nomad or travelpreneur, Monty’s name comes to mind. Not just from what he is done in his own life, but what he is doing to pay forward this important message in helping entrepreneurs to live their ‘Bucket List’ now - not later!

His strategies have helped me personally with creating a business plan built around how I want to live my life. This book hits the nail on the head with the systems and strategies that I can guarantee will help you not just create ‘cashflow’, but also ‘timeflow’. A Must Read!”

Louie D. Pinto
Louie D. PintoDirector of P2P Global Solutions Pte. Ltd

“This is not just a splendid book, it is a spectacular one…

It can only be described as a labour of love and a lifestyle that Monty wants to share with others.

Business Hacker is definitely the complete resource for those who want to have more money rolling in and more freedom rolling out in their life.”

Colleen Woodstock – Wisdom & Business Pty Ltd
Colleen Woodstock – Wisdom & Business Pty

“To all entrepreneurs and would-be entrepreneurs, Monty’s message is clear and inspiring…if you truly wish to free up your time in order to make the difference that you wish to make on this planet, then you need to read this book and then implement the strategies he offers.”

Fiona Jones, Best-selling Author
Fiona Jones, Best-selling

“This book is the FULL MONTY on escaping the 9-5 grind and avoiding ‘Mondayitis’ forever! If you want to achieve FREEDOM in all areas of your life, live wherever you want and work when you want, then this book is a must read.

Monty shares unique insights that will open your eyes wide to what today’s entrepreneurs are doing to get control back. This book is the 4-Hour Workweek on steroids!!!”

Roger James Hamilton
Roger James Hamilton Founder of Entrepreneurs Institute and New York Times
Bestselling Author of ‘The Millionaire Master Plan’

“Monty is the example of when you follow a system like Wealth Dynamics, and find your path of least resistance, magic will happen.

In this book Monty shares his simple, yet powerful strategies that have allowed him to hack his life, and build his business in a way that allows him to live a life by design, not by default. Also, a very powerful message about contribution. The very reasons why I invite Monty to be a regular mentor to my students.

I encourage any entrepreneur who is interested in moving from a solo operation to building a business that gives them freedom - to read this book.”

About Monty

Freedompreneurship is creating lifestyle through choice, not circumstances. It is about living in flow, not struggle, where work and play are one, and days of the week don’t matter. It is not about reaching a goal or a dollar value, it is about building an enterprise that supports your freedom and the difference you want to make in the world.”READ MORE